• Asperger Syndrome does not exist. It is simply a way to excuse bad parenting and behaviour problems of the child.
  • The parents are making their child this way (i.e. Munchausen by proxy), they want the attention the diagnosis may bring for their child and therefore for them.
  • If they only disciplined their child, he/she would be fine.


  • Asperger Syndrome does exist and is a neurological condition that needs support tailored to an individual’s needs.
  • Tantrums, lack of social awareness and conformity displayed by children with Asperger Syndrome has a neurological basis and needs SPECIFIC training and support.
  • Parents of children with Asperger Syndrome are not bad parents. They are not to blame for their child’s difficulties.
  • Traditional discipline strategies (i.e time out, punishment) do not work for these children and only serve to heighten their anxiety and inability to cope with what is going on around them.