Where it Began


It all started with one child and one mother searching for a Social Skills Program and a place to reach other parents on the same journey. Little help was available so she approached the Advertiser Sunday Mail Foundation and with their generous support the first Social Skills Program for children with Asperger’s was piloted the following year.


Eight boys aged from 8 -10 years took part in a very successful pilot Social Skills Program.

While the children attended the program, their mothers shared their dreams and aspirations over cups of coffee nearby in a café.

The mothers recognised the urgent need for a dedicated centre where these programs and the ‘community support’ could continue.

Their dreams were jotted down on a paper napkin, our story was just beginning…


St John SA came on board and provided a share ‘house’ at Belair for the Gold Foundation to operate and deliver programs.

Two more successful social skills programs were run and the first “Events” were held. A committee of hard working dedicated volunteer parents worked tirelessly to establish the Gold Foundation.


Gold Foundation was officially launched from our Belair home.

We renovated, refurbished and painted the interior and exterior Gold Foundation Centre with the help of the community, Channel 7, local businesses and private donations.


We designed and developed an innovative pilot program for teenagers, now known as ‘Youth Group’ to provide a meeting place for young people with Asperger’s and to provide the ‘next step’ for our young people after participating in the Social Skills Training.

We introduced ‘Educational Seminars’ which are designed to empower families. These seminars educate Parents & Carers with specific skills which will support the positive development of their child with Asperger’s, their siblings and the family as a unit.


Gold Foundation moved to our new home at 18 Trimmer Tce, Unley.

Today the Gold Foundation offers a place of belonging for young people with Asperger’s Syndrome and their families, as well as Social Skills Programs, Youth Group, Fun events for the whole family and Education Seminars.

We continue to aspire and expand our programs and reach even more children.

To think it all started with one child and one mother who was determined to change his world. Little did she realise that she was not alone and so began the journey to improve the lives of children with Asperger’s Syndrome and in doing so has opened the door to hundreds of families on the same path.

That is a Good as Gold.