It’s easier to get out of bed in the mornings and get through the weekend.


The Gold Foundation is without a doubt the organisation that has made the greatest impact on my ASD daughter's life and I am very grateful - especially to the founders!

Mum of 16 year old

The Gold Foundation is great because I get to see other people with Asperger syndrome, who are like me and think similarly to me

Jake (18)

I believe every child has the right to access programs and support that could make the difference between a happy, fulfilling life as part of the community, or one spent on the ‘outer’ and never quite fitting in.

Angie Pangallo, Founder & Chair

Ultimately, the Gold Foundation means the world to me, as it is responsible for much of my development. Without it, nobody would have been there to understand and support me, and I would have been miserable for most of my life.

William, 17 years