The Board


The Board consists of 3 members.

Angie Pangallo - Chairperson and Founder

Angie’s son Connor was her inspiration to start a journey which would lead to the establishing what is now the Gold Foundation Centre. Connor was part of the very first program in 2008 which launched the foundations of The Gold Foundation. Angie continues to volunteer for the Gold Foundation providing guidance, support and help to children with Asperger Syndrome in South Australia through her position as Chairperson. Her aim is always to see children find happiness, friendship and a place of belonging at the Gold Foundation.

On January 26, 2014 as part of the Australia Day Awards, Angie was awarded ‘Citizen of the Year’ for her significant contribution to the community through her volunteer work at the Gold Foundation.

Caroline Hill - Treasurer

Caroline was invited to join The Gold Foundation in 2010 bringing significant experience in finance and administration. Caroline has managed to undertake and establish all of the very important financial, administration and internal management structures. She has designed and stream lined systems so The Gold Foundation can operate at a professional level. Caroline is also a parent to two children with Asperger Syndrome; Samuel and Alex.

Kathryn McGowan - Board Member

Kathryn was invited to join the Board in 2013 after initially being introduced to the Gold Foundation through one of the Social Skills Programs for her son Paul.

Having worked as a publicist in the entertainment field for over 20 years, Kathryn brings a diverse and extensive range of experience to the Gold Foundation. Her passion and commitment to helping others is reflected in her seamless approach to the promotional, social and business aspects of the Gold Foundation.